100th Anniversary Legacy Fellowship

Dedicated in 2020 to Susan Murphy

September 10, 2019

I think all have read Grace Hollett’s tribute to Susan Murphy, upon her untimely death, with shock and sadness. 

Susan not only had been a Past President of CFUW, but she was also a past chair of the CFUW Charitable Trust (CT). She had walked 300 km of the Camino Santiago trail in Spain, raising $18,000 for the Charitable Trust’s Fellowship fund. The education of girls and women was something she believed in and she was creative on how she could contribute to this cause. 

She was instrumental in beginning the modernization of the Charitable Trust, examining the Charter and suggesting changes that were required but keeping in mind the intent of the founders of the Trust.

The CFUW CT Trustees are very grateful for her leadership. On behalf of the Trust and CFUW members, we will establish a Memorial Award to honour her. We welcome the participation of any Club or individual, who wishes, to contribute to this fund. 

You may do this in several ways: the mechanics are identified on our website, cfuwcharitabletrust.ca/how-to-donate, or you may mail a cheque to the treasurer of the CFUW CT – Ruth Weaver, 1392 Petrie Way, Mississauga, L5J 1G5. Please designate your donation as “in memory of Susan Murphy”.

We extend our condolences to Susan’s family and join you in remembering, with gratitude, Susan’s contributions to CFUW and the CFUW CT. 

Doris Mae Oulton
Chair, CFUW Charitable Trust