CFUW 100th Anniversary Legacy Fellowship 2021-2022

Dedicated in 2020 to Susan Murphy (1950-2019). Susan Murphy served as a Past National President of CFUW (2010-2014).  She was also a Past Chair of the CFUW Charitable Trust Board (2012-2016).

2021-2022 – Value: $5,000

Read more about the eligibility criteria established for the Fellowship.

Caitilin McMillan 100th Anniversary Legacy Fellowship Winner2021-2022 Inaugural Winner:


  • B.A. Global Development Studies (Hons), 2010, Queen’s University
  • M.Sc. Migration Studies, 2011, University of Oxford
  • Ph.D. Human Geography, 2019-2024, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Caitilin works with women survivors of war and torture to improve mental health and psychosocial care practices in the aftermath of violence. Psychosocial approaches still remain a relative ‘black box’ within the humanitarian sector, but broadly offer a way of thinking about care that captures the inseparable relationship between an individual’s psychological wellbeing and their embeddedness in the wider social environment.

Her work looks at how these spaces of care are produced by civil society organizations and sheds light on the intimate geopolitics of how women alongside their rehabilitation counsellors work to heal past wounds while advocating to prevent future violence.