CFUW 1989 École Polytechnique Commemorative Awards 2021-2022

2021 – 2022

École Polytechnique Awards Winners 2021-2022Total Value: $12,000

One award for masters study: $5,000
One award for doctoral study: $7,000

Commemorates the fourteen women students murdered at the École Polytechnique in Montreal. For graduate studies in any field. The applicant must justify the relevance of her work to women.

2021-2022 Winners:





Samantha Stuart - Ecole Polytechnique Award WinnerSAMANTHA STUART

  • B.A.Sc. Materials Engineering (Hons), 2019, University of Toronto
  • M.A.Sc. Candidate, Biomedical Engineering, 2020-2022, University of Toronto

One of the most important factors in nanomedicine design is also one of the hardest to measure: how will materials interact with the body? Samantha is working to decode a subset of these interactions using machine learning, to accelerate the clinical translation of nanomedicines.

Samantha’s research will quantitatively model beneficial polymer-protein interactions that allow nanoparticles to adhere and deliver drugs through mucosal membranes. Commercialized mucoadhesive drug delivery systems will improve the treatment and prevention of disease globally by reducing side effects, and in time may enable needle-free vaccine delivery.



Jennifer McWilliams - Ecole Polytechnique Award WinnerJENNIFER MCWILLIAMS

  • B.Sc. Psychology (Hons), 2016, University of New Brunswick
  • M.A./Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, 2018-2023, University of New Brunswick 

Jennifer’s research focuses on the psycho-social impact of formal policies and cultural practices on the daily lived experiences of sibling caregivers of individuals with intellectual disabilities residing in New Brunswick and Ontario.

Her research seeks to identify aspects of the Canadian healthcare and social welfare systems that complicate sibling caregivers’ lives, as well as elucidate how sibling caregivers make sense of, navigate, and cope with the intersecting social, cultural, organisational, political, and ideological influences.