CFUW Bourse Georgette LeMoyne Award 2020-2021

2020 – 2021

Value: $5,000

Georgette LeMoyne was one of the first women to receive a university degree in French Canada. She devoted her life to the promotion of education and employment for women. It is for graduate study in any field at a Canadian university. The candidate must be studying in French and write the Statement of Intent (Section I) of the application in French.

2020-2021 Winner:

Sonia MichaelsenSonia Michaelsen

  • B.A. Psychology, 2011, McGill University
  • M.Sc. International Development, 2017, University of Birmingham
  • Ph.D. Global Health, 2018-2023, Université de Montreal

Gender-based violence is a serious public health and human rights issue worldwide. Forcibly displaced women, particularly within the context of humanitarian crises, are more at risk.

Sonia’s research will focus on exploring South Sudanese refugees’ (within Uganda) experiences of gender-based violence, comparing women who live in settlement areas to those who have chosen to self-settle in urban areas. The goal is to better understand the socio-ecological factors in these 2 unique environments that may contribute to the risk of gender-based violence.