CFUW Elizabeth & Rachel Massey Award


Funded by the Massey Family
Value: $5,000

Established in 2006, in memory of Elizabeth Massey, a young lawyer and member of CFUW whose life was greatly enriched by her love of the creative arts.

For post-graduate studies in the visual arts/fine arts, such as painting or sculpture; or in music. The award is tenable in Canada or abroad.

2019 – 2020 Winner: TANYA WHITE


Tanya White

  • TanyaB.A. Fashion Design, 2009, Ryerson University
  • M.A. Fashion, 2012, Ryerson University
  • Ph.D. Fashion and Textiles, 2018-2020, Glasgow School of Art

Tanya’s research looks at the emaciated body heralded in images of the late medieval crucified Christ and conflates it with our current beauty ideals. The subject matter asks for a multidisciplinary approach analysing a prevailing aesthetic body image that proliferates from religion, mass media and high fashion markets.

In this she is attempting to understand the emotional substance and emulative resonance transferred and curated cyclically by this near skeletal idol. This inquiry manifests as both written and cloth findings, including experimental methods in knitting, weaving, embroidery and printed textile practice.