CFUW Memorial Fellowship 2022-2023


Value: $8,000

Honours those for whom the CFUW Charitable Trust receives memorial donations. At the time of application, the candidate must be enrolled in masters studies in science, mathematics or engineering. This fellowship is tenable in Canada or abroad.

2022-2023 Winner:

Megan Buers - Memorial Winner 2022-2023
Megan Buers


B.Sc. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Hons), 2018, University of British Columbia

M.Sc. Biology, 2022-2024, University of British Columbia

Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and increasing in severity and there is a growing concern for how these events will impact wildlife.

Megan’s research aims to understand how fluctuations in temperature can affect animal behaviour and ecology by monitoring the threatened Western Screech-Owls in south central British Columbia. She aims to determine what habitat features protect the owls from extreme heat and whether there are ways we can better manage our forest ecosystems.