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Online Application for the CFUW Fellowships and Awards


Charitable Trust Online ApplicationWelcome to the online application for the CFUW Fellowships and Awards.

CFUW Fellowships and Awards applications for the academic year 2020-2021 are now closed.

The online application deadline was January 14, 2020.



Sylvie Ouellette, Past Winner of the Dr. Alice E. Wilson Award…

In her own words, Sylvie Ouellette, past winner of the CFUW Dr. Alice E. Wilson Award expresses the importance of winning the award:

Sylvie Ouellette - CFUW Charitable TrustFor me, this fellowship provides validation that it is never too late to pursue higher education.

Needless to say, graduate school is demanding at any age. However, in general, scholarships are awarded to promising young students on their way to a long, fulfilling career. But considering life expectancy in Canada, it is perfectly possible to embark on a second – or even a third! – career later on in our lives. Efforts towards such a goal are just as worthy of recognition as those of our younger peers. This is why the Dr. Alice E. Wilson Award fills an overlooked niche, in my opinion.

In addition, returning to full-time studies often requires financial sacrifice, which can be a major deterrent for anyone contemplating this possibility. In that sense, prizes and distinctions that carry a generous monetary value are always welcome.

Above all, as a mother of two teenagers, obtaining this award sets a good example that underlies the importance of following through with what we start, and never ceasing to progress and evolve along the way.

Calendar / Timelines

  • Completed online applications and all documentation must be received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many students contact us with the same questions. For your convenience we have included the answers to those questions in the Frequently Asked Questions section. Please review the FAQs before contacting the Fellowships Program Manager.

Question: Do I have to belong to the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) in order to be eligible to apply for CFUW Fellowships and Awards?
NO, but you do have to be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident in Canada.

Question: Can I apply if I am an International Student (not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident) studying in Canada with International Student Visa status?
NO, you are not eligible to apply for CFUW Fellowships and Awards.

Question: If I am a Canadian Citizen studying outside of Canada, can I apply for CFUW Fellowships and Awards?
YES, there are several CFUW Fellowships and Awards for candidates studying outside of Canada.

Question: If I am not enrolled at the time of my CFUW application, must I be already accepted into the proposed program and place of study, at the time of application?
YES. A copy of the official “letter of acceptance” into the program of proposed study from the host institution MUST BE INCLUDED with your online CFUW Fellowship or Award application, if you are not enrolled at the time of application.

Question: If I hold a scholarship from another funding organization, does CFUW have policy that restricts my application for CFUW Fellowships and Awards?
NO, there are no CFUW policies that restrict your applications for CFUW Fellowships and Awards.

Question: If I am searching for scholarships to fund my undergraduate degree, can I apply for CFUW Fellowships and Awards?
YES, there is one category of award, the Aboriginal Women’s Award (AWA).  More details concerning the eligible programs are available here.

Question: Can men apply for a CFUW Fellowship or Award?
NO, CFUW Fellowships and Awards Program is an Affirmative Action Program as provided for in the Constitution of Canada. Eligibility for these fellowships and awards is restricted to women.

Question: Can I ask the same three referees to support my applications for several CFUW Fellowships and Awards?

Question: Are filing fees ever waived?
NO, CFUW is entirely self-funded by its members and is a not-for-profit organization.

Question: Can I apply ONLINE?
YES. Complete the online application(s) here.

Question: When are the winners selected and do I receive notification?
The winners are selected in April and contacted by the CFUW Fellowships Chair. Only the winners are contacted and all other candidates can check this website in June for the results of the Competition.

Contact the Fellowships Program Manager

Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW)
331 Cooper Street, Suite 502
Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0G5
Toll-free in Canada & the US: 1-888-220-9606; Phone: 613-234-8252 ext. 104
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