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About the Fellowships & Awards Program

The National Fellowships & Awards Program of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) is an affirmative action program as provided for in the Constitution of Canada and eligibility is restricted to women.

The Fellowships & Awards Program is managed by the Fellowships Program Manager of the CFUW on behalf of the Charitable Trust.

CFUW’s Fellowship & Award winners have produced work in a variety of academic areas, including international humanitarian efforts, feminist and gender analysis, advanced science, medicine, social justice and human rights for women and girls.

The CFUW Charitable Trust provides funds for the CFUW Fellowships & Awards Program. The Trust is supported by donations from CFUW clubs, individual club members and non-members.

Congratulations to our winners of CFUW Fellowships and Awards Competition for the academic year 2017-2018!



CFUW Fellowships and Awards  – NEW AWARD CATEGORY!

  • CFUW Aboriginal Women’s Award (AWA)

    Dr. Marion Elder
    Dr. Marion Elder

    Value Range: $10,000 – $25,000

    In March 2015, the Education Council-Wolfville transferred the proceeds of their education fund to the CFUW Charitable Trust to establish a new award, the CFUW Aboriginal Women’s Award (AWA). This award was designed to honour Dr. Marion Elder Grant’s life-long commitment to education of women. Dr. Grant has an outstanding record of leadership as the 11th CFUW President (1949-52), CFUW Wolfville President, and Dean of Women and Professor of Psychology, Acadia University.

    The value of the award is established by a formula which adjusts for the variation in the cost of tuition for different programs across Canada. The formula also allows for future awards to be adjusted based on higher tuition expenses. The award is renewable as it is designed to help a CFUW AWA Recipient by providing the award for a second year.

    An applicant for the CFUW AWA will be considered eligible on the basis of the following criteria:

    • Canadian Aboriginal woman;
    • Study in Canada;
    • Holds or will hold an undergraduate university degree or equivalent before the CFUW AWA for which she applied is granted; and
    • Must have applied to be a full-time student in any year of an eligible program at a recognized or accredited Canadian post-secondary degree-granting institution.

    Eligible programs: are the academic programs for which a CFUW AWA Applicant (or Renewal Applicant) may be studying. They include:

    1. Programs leading to a first degree in law – Bachelor of Laws (LLB); Juris Doctor (JD).
    2. Programs leading to the following first degrees in medicine – Medical Doctor (MD); Doctor of Optometry (OD).
    3. Programs leading to qualifying for a licence to practice as a Nurse Practitioner in the province or territory of the graduate’s choice.
    4. Programs leading to a Master’s degree in fields dealing with important Canadian aboriginal issues at the time the AWA is given as defined by the most recent Canadian report by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples.

    The next CFUW AWA competition will open in May 2017 with an announcement posted on this website.

    2016-2017 Winner: BRITTANY CHUBBS

CFUW Fellowships and Awards

  • CFUW Dr. Alice E. Wilson Awards

     (4 @ $5,000 each)  Total Value: $20,000

    Two (2) awards at the masters level and two (2) for doctoral level study.

    Dr. Alice E. Wilson (1881-1964), CFUW member, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the first woman to hold a professional position at the Geological Survey of Canada won the 1926 CFUW Travelling Fellowship. Awarded to mature students returning to graduate studies in any field after at least three years.

    Four winners for the Academic Year 2017-2018


  • CFUW Memorial Fellowship

    Value: $8,000

    Honours those for whom the CFUW Charitable Trust receives memorial donations. At the time of application, the candidate must be enrolled in masters studies in science, mathematics or engineering. This fellowship is tenable in Canada or abroad.

    2017-2018 Winner: SABRINA RONDEAU

  • CFUW Elizabeth & Rachel Massey Award

    Funded by the Massey Family                                      

    Value: $5,000

    Established in 2006, in memory of Elizabeth Massey, a young lawyer and member of CFUW whose life was greatly enriched by her love of the creative arts.  For post-graduate studies in the visual arts/fine arts, such as painting or sculpture; or in music.  The award is tenable in Canada or abroad.

    2017-2018 Winner: ANYA POGORELOVA


    Total Value: $12,000

    One (1) award of $7,000 for doctoral level study and one (1) award of $5,000 for masters study.

    Commemorates the fourteen women students murdered at the École Polytechnique in Montreal. For graduate studies in any field. The applicant must justify the relevance of her work to women.

    Winners for the Academic Year 2017-2018

    Value: $6,000

    Inaugurated in 2015, the award is named to honour Linda Souter, the only Canadian member of CFUW that has served both as President of CFUW and Graduate Women International (formerly known as International Federation of University Women, IFUW).

    Awarded to a masters or doctoral student studying in the area of the Humanities. Generally, study in the Humanities is theoretical and does not involve empirical methodology. The Humanities could include the following: English Language and Literature, History, Languages Study, Classics, Philosophy, Film Studies, Communication Studies, and Culture Studies.

    2017-2018 Winner: ELIZA RICHARDSON


    Value: $6,000

    The fellowship is open to candidates enrolled in studies in Human Ecology including Family and Consumer Sciences, at the masters or doctoral level.  The applicant must be accepted or enrolled in a post-graduate program in Canada at the time of application.

    The evolving studies in Human Ecology include: human nutrition, food science, housing/shelter and aesthetics, architecture, financial resource management, clothing and textiles, family relations, human sexuality, and human development.

    2017-2018 Winner: ANDREA NORIEGA


  • Ruth Binnie Fellowship

    Value: $6,000

    Honours a founding member of the Nova Scotia Home Economics Association who dedicated her professional life to education in home economics.  At the time of application, the applicant must be enrolled in Masters studies that focus on one or more aspect(s) of the field of Human Ecology, including Consumer and Family Sciences.  

    Special consideration will be given to those pursuing a postgraduate degree in education.   She may be studying abroad.

    The evolving studies in Human Ecology include: human nutrition, food science, housing/shelter and aesthetics, architecture, financial resource management, clothing and textiles, family relations, human sexuality, and human development.

     2017-2018 Winner: SARA MICHELLE WEINMAN

  • CFUW Bourse Georgette LeMoyne Award
    Value: $5,000

    Georgette LeMoyne (1884-1975), was one of the first women to receive a university degree in French Canada. She devoted her life to the promotion of education and employment for women. It is for graduate study in any field at a Canadian university. The candidate must be studying in French and write the Statement of Intent (Section I) of the application in French.

    2017-2018 Winner: ANNE-MARIE PILOTE


  • CFUW Dr. Margaret McWilliams Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

    Value: $11,000

    This fellowship, established in 1952, honours Margaret McWilliams, first CFUW President (1919-1923), who dedicated her life to furthering the status of women through improved access to higher education and the active involvement of women in public life. It is awarded to a woman who has completed at least one calendar year in a full-time doctoral program and is enrolled in full-time studies in Canada or abroad at the time of application.

    2017-2018 Winner: LAURA JANE WEBER

  • The CFUW Creative Arts Award was created to promote interest and involvement in the creative arts by engaging audiences and inspiring discussion. The amount of the award is normally $4,000 and is set by the CFUW Charitable Trust budget. It is awarded bi-annually.

    View the guidelines.

    Applications will be accepted from January 1st to March 1st 2017

    The winner of the Creative Arts Award in 2015 was The Community Music School of Waterloo Region – a program of the Lyrical Lines Education Network. The program provides music lessons to youth in the Waterloo region who would otherwise not have access to formal musical training.

  • CFUW offers a Library Award every two years which is available to:

    • School libraries, public libraries, provincial libraries including those in provincial women’s institutions;
    • Agencies proposing to create a library in a facility such as a day care, or other agencies that support library and literacy activities.

    The Library Award Winner for 2016 is the Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures in Guelph, Ontario. They were nominated by CFUW Guelph. Their proposed project is a multicultural family literacy program, which utilizes books written in multiple languages to help teach English to immigrant families. It is a multi- generational program, focusing on the family as a whole. Although it is a literacy based project, participants will benefit in many other ways: social opportunities, capacity building, community involvement, and lessening the sense of isolation by encouraging participation in group activities.

    The Chair of the Creative Library Award is Tracey Otto. Committee Members include: Julia Davidson, Gail Crawford and Helen Sami.

    To read a short history of the CFUW Library Award, click here

    The next Award will be presented in 2018.


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