Government of Canada – Assistance to Students and Educational Institutions

We commend the Government of Canada for its recent action, as part of the responses to Covid-19, in placing a six-month interest-free moratorium on the repayment of Canada Student Loans for all individuals currently in the process of repaying these loans.

We know these are troubling times, but they are particularly troubling for students who may have been counting on summer jobs or their first job placement after graduation. We know that those opportunities are likely not going to be there.

We urge you to keep Canadian students in mind when you are planning your next wave of strategic planning.

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) Charitable Trust has been working with Canadian students since 1976. The CFUW Clubs across the country work towards supporting girls and women in their education goals.

Between the CFUW Charitable Trust and the Clubs we issue about one million dollars every year to support fellowships and scholarships. We know how great the need is and we know how important education is for the future of all of us. Education is one of the primary mandates of CFUW and we are proud that we have been such a significant contributor to the future of Canada.

Please continue to remember Canada’s students in your planning. Consider increasing scholarship money, consider increased deferrals of student loans, consider additional supports to our educational institutions – all of which will be under serious pressure because of this unprecedented situation.

We have always seen ourselves as partners, important ones, in the support of the future of our country – the education of Canada’s women and girls. We will continue to offer financial support and genuine encouragement. We ask that you continue to see how you can augment your assistance to students and educational institutions. 

Thank you for your consideration to date and we will look forward to future developments.


Doris Mae Oulton