Ruth Binnie Fellowship 2021-2022

2020 – 2021

Value: $6,000

Honours a founding member of the Nova Scotia Home Economics Association who dedicated her professional life to home economics education. At the time of application, the applicant must be enrolled in masters studies that focus on one or more aspect(s) of the field of Human Ecology/Home Economics/Family and Consumer Studies. Special consideration will be given to those pursuing a postgraduate degree in education. She may be studying abroad.

The evolving studies in Human Ecology include: human nutrition, food science, housing/shelter and aesthetics, architecture, financial resource management, clothing and textiles, family relations, human sexuality, and human development.

2021-2022 Winner:

Marie Phaneuf-Fournier - Ruth Binnie Fellowship WinnerMARIE PHANEUF-FOURNIER

  • B.A. Anthropology, 2010, Université Laval
  • B.A. Music Education, 2017, Université Laval
  • M.A. Administration, Policy and Education, 2020-2023, Université Laval

As an elementary school teacher for the past 5 years, Marie has observed that in some programs (with an artistic or athletic content), the enrollment rates between girls and boys are unbalanced: this disparity raises issues of gender segregation in public elementary schools.

Marie’s research is particularly interested in the logics of action and the conditions that structure parental choices and the impact of these choices on children’s educational pathways.