Supporting Graduate Study

Who We Are

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) has supported graduate study, literacy and creative arts through awards and fellowships since its founding in 1919.

In 1921 the 12 clubs of the federation awarded the first CFUW Travelling Fellowship of $1000. In 1967 the CFUW Charitable Trust was established as a separate entity to receive donations and manage the resulting funds to provide for:

♦ CFUW Fellowships and Awards
♦ A biannual CFUW Creative Arts Award
♦ A biannual CFUW Library Award

Registered Charity

The CFUW Charitable Trust received a registered Ontario charity number in 1967 to allow it to receive and administer the funds supporting the Fellowships and Awards Program of the Canadian Federation of University Women.

In 1976 the rules governing charities changed and the Trust constitution was amended to allow the Trust to build a reserve fund to allow for future awards and increases in the value of the existing awards. The Trust is managed at arm’s length from the CFUW as mandated by the regulations of the Charities Division of the Canadian Revenue Agency.

The Administration of the CFUW Fellowships Program is, and always has been, the responsibility of the Canadian Federation of University Women on behalf of the Charitable Trust.

How We Support Graduate Study

The CFUW Charitable Trust assists women university graduates, the future of our country, to further their post-secondary education. The Trust raises money to support annual Fellowships, Awards and Grants for Canadian women doing advanced graduate study and research in science, math, engineering, home economics, education, visual arts, music, humanities, and social sciences.

The Charitable Trust receives funds from members, Clubs, and corporate sponsors. It administers an investment portfolio of over one million dollars for fifteen CFUW Fellowships and Awards, valued at over ninety thousand dollars yearly.

The Charitable Trust Board members are:

Doris Mae Oulton
Kathryn Wilkinson
Marlene Bristol
Sharon Crabb
Ruth Weaver
Grace Hollett
Charlotte Rigby

CFUW Charitable Trust Brochure