The Library and Creative Arts Committee: A Long History

The Library Committee was created in 1919 and it was one of the first committees created by the newly formed CFUW. Over the years, the Committee promoted access to libraries, sent books to Canadian Forces members serving overseas during World War II, helped establish the National Library Counciland theNational Library, and presented a brief to the Massey Royal Commission. 

In 1946, the first Reading Stimulation Grant was presented to a library in Brandon, Manitoba for the amount of $350. By 1955, the Committee had evolved into the Libraries and Creative Arts Committee, and from this point all CFUW Clubs across Canada were encouraged to take interest in their local artists. 

The Golden Jubilee Award (1970) was created for composers under 30 years of age, and was later renamed the Creative Music Award (1991) and presented in collaboration with the du Maurier Arts Ltd New Music Festival Canadian Composers Competition held annually in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1998 the Award was moved to the Banff Music Centre and administered on behalf of CFUW. However, this relationship ended in 2013 due to rising administrative costs. 

As of 2013, two separate awards of $4000 were established, each to be presented biennially: the Creative Arts Award and the Library Award. The CFUW Charitable Trust funds both Awards. This Library and Creative Arts Committee has a long history of promoting access to libraries regardless of geographical challenges and encouraging grassroots artistic development. 

Over the past two years, our Committee has accomplished a lot! We redeveloped the Creative Arts Award and in summer 2015 presented the Award to a community music school from the Waterloo, Ontario region. In December 2015, we completed the Library Award revamp; which opened for applications on January 1st, 2016. 

One important change to both awards is there are no longer any regional restrictions to who may apply, however, both awards continue to be offered on a biennial basis. 

More about the Awards and how to apply.